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Keysafe keeps your keys where you need them.


Keysafe 5 Key Door Mount

The 5 Key Door Mount Keysafe Lock Box holds up to 5 keys. This Keysafe permanently or temporarily mounts over your door and is perfect for contractors or residential applications where a temporary key must be made available.
The Door Mount Keysafe is constructed of thick rustproof metal walls with an interlocking faceplate for a high degree of security.
The Keypad is fully mechanical and needs no batteries.
The 5 Key Door Mount Lock Box design has a solid record for unmatched quality and security.

The optional Keysafe Cover provides extra protection for your keysafe lock box against extreme weather conditions.

Keysafe Door-Mount Features


  • Double walled, weather resistant zinc alloy construction.
  • Included Door Clip mounts on all common doors upto 1-15/16" thick.
  • Stores up to 5 keys.
  • Permanent or temporarily mounted options.
  • Easy-to-use pushbutton combination.
  • Over 1,000 possible combinations.
  • Operating Temp: -15F to +150 F
  • External Dimensions: H 4.25" x W 2.25" x D 1.5"
  • Internal Dimensions: H 3.0" x W 1.5" x D 0.75"
  • Weight: 2lb


  • Perfect for Tradesmen access, Employees, Tenants or any emergency access situation.
  • Provides access for cleaning personnel, pool services and household maintenance.
  • Handy key storage for outbuildings, sheds and farm implements.
  • Ideal for vacation properties, cottages and recreational dwellings.

KeySafe 5 Key Door Mount Color: Titanium

Keysafe 5 Key Door Mount Color: Titanium

Item: 001017
UPC: 090928010175

PRICE: MSRP:$45.99

PRICE: Low as $30.00 each (Bulk Buys with Free Shipping)


Keysafe Cover for 5 Key Door-Mount

Keysafe Cover for 2 Key Wall-Mount

KEYSAFE COVER for 5 Key Wall-Mount
Item: 001421
Color: BLACK

PRICE: MSRP:$12.99

PRICE: $10.95


Door Mount Keysafe Features

Wherever people use keys, there is a need for Keysafe products.

The Door Mount Keysafe offers key storage in a compact and attractive lock box that complements any home or building.
The Door Mount Keysafe installation is simple the attached metal door clip slips over the edge of doors up to 1-15/16" thick.
The optional keysafe protective rubber cover provides extra protection for your lock box against extreme weather conditions. The rubber cover also helps hide your lock box from inquisitive visitors.

Exclusive StrongBox construction ensures safety.

The Keysafe Strongbox design has a solid track record for unmatched quality and security.
All Keysafe products are constructed of sturdy metal that are guaranteed never to rust. The interlocking faceplate completes this secure package with a built in key ring to ensure keys return to the lock box.
This is a fully mechanical lock box. NO BATTERIES or POWER SOURCE REQUIRED.

Easy to install and convenient to use.

Keysafe lockboxes open easily using a combination set by the end-user (instructions included in every package). All Keysafe models offer the ease of push button combinations that you choose and set yourself. Combinations can easily be changed for added security.

Keysafe Enter Code, Get Keys, Open Door

Keysafe Faceplates

Replacement Keysafe Faceplates Available.

Replacement Keysafe Faceplates are available.
Some Keysafes have been in service for over 20 years,
Add a new replacement faceplate to your old keysafe.